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Other Designers 

We carry the work of other designers who share our design sense. The studios are small, with craftsmen and craftswomen designing and creating the jewelry from beginning to end.  The designs are well thought-out and made with enough efficiency of scale to be priced starting under $100.  They are a good complement to our custom design work.

Ed Levin

Ed Levin was our first jewelry designer hero. He designed beautiful, well-engineered jewelry. His family and company carried on after his time designing and making jewelry was over.


Kelim has a fantastic line of jewelry, almost all in textured solid sterling silver with pure silver overplate.  The pure silver makes her jewelry dazzlingly white, non-tarnish and very distincively hers.

Marcin Zaremski

Marcin Zaremski is a 2nd generation designer making sterling silver, heavy gold over sterling, amber and copper jewelry in modern designs that feel timeless.