The gem show started with a few rock hounds many years ago but Tucson is a great place to be in early February -beautiful, sunny and low 70s.   The show grew and now the entire gem world gathers there to work – and play a little.

The serious show is the American Gem Trade Show in the convention center. Hundreds of booths and many millions of dollars in precious gems.  A good place to find out what is new,  research current values and renew friendships with dealers that we talk to, but only see in Tuscon or NYC.

The entire city is  taken over by gemstone dealers and buyers and it is impossible to see it all -but we try over a week of long days.   Idar Oberstein, Germany, has a major show in a hotel, and dealers rent every room in the motels along the interstate and turn them into showrooms. One resort in the foothills of the mountains is taken over by museum quality mineral specimens.  Some much more spectacular than the ones in the Carnegie.  We were invited to a show focusing on designers. See the article.

This is just one tent city and far from the biggest one.

We will be closed Tuesday 01/31 through Saturday 02/04.  If you would like us to shop for you while we are in Tucson let us know.  We should talk before we go but you can use the Contact page to get in touch while we are away.

Rob and Kyle