The Studio is the heart of our business.

Custom Design

img286We enjoy working with customers to create that special piece of jewelry.

There is a recognizable HALLETT look to a piece of jewelry from our studio.  Our designs could be described as modern but with true appreciation and respect for the best tradition.  Whether the inspiration is something you have in mind or a design we have done in the past, the studio is the best place to start. Jewelry is visual and tactile.  It helps to hold the real thing and we are good at helping you visualize the design as it unfolds.

In the past, the potential design started as detailed drawings-actual size and in color but not “real”.

Today, the design is worked out in full 3D models and realistic renderings.   You can really see the ring before it is made.

Studio Tour

The best way to take a Studio Tour is to come to Oakmont.  The showroom is part of a working studio for designing and making jewelry.  We even designed the cases which were built by my father. The spiral stair leads to Kyle’s photography studio.

DSC_1277   IMG_2072

The workshop is right next door -with tools from the early 1900’s- hammers, pliers, rolling mills and an anvil.  Old tools that are used every day –beside some very modern equipment for designing and making jewelry.


In addition to our reputation for design and craftsmanship, we have a collection of gemstones and a deep network of sources for gemstones and diamonds.
A rough Diamond is rare and interesting but it isn’t a HALLETT Diamond until it is cut for maximum light return, brilliance and fire.

A diamond “cert” or lab report is just the beginning of the diamond story.  We will show you two diamonds that weigh the same, have the same color and clarity grade, and are both round and brilliant-cut with 58 facets.  We will let you decide which is more beautiful.  And then we will help you understand why.


We love colored Gemstones and there is something affordable and beautiful in almost any color.  We have traveled as far as Thailand to buy and learn and have an extensive collection of our own.  If we don’t have a particular gemstone, we will find it for you.

Precious Metal

img557 (3)All the precious metal we use is recycled, not mined.  Most of our work is in a special alloy of 18K yellow gold and in platinum. We also offer 14K white, yellow and red gold, palladium, sterling silver and stainless steel.  For a person allergic to metal, we made a wedding band from Delrin, a nylon that looks like ivory.