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Hallett Engagement Ring 10

Engagement Rings

One of the things we enjoy most is helping people create an engagement ring that is both classic and perfectly suited to the woman who will wear it. The design may be based on something very traditional, an idea you have, or one of the designs in our portfolios.

The diamond or other gemstone may be yours, from our collection or something we find for you. The budget is up to you. Our goal is to make a quality engagement ring at a price that is less than expected.

In addition to our reputation for design and craftsmanship, we have a deep network of sources for diamonds and gemstones. Engagement rings are traditionally diamond rings and we help customers really understand diamonds.  

The Diamond Lab Report is just the beginning of the diamond story. We will show you two diamonds that weigh the same, have the same color and clarity grade, and are both round brilliant-cut with 58 facets. We will let you decide which is more beautiful. And then, we will help you understand why.

When we search for the perfect diamond, we work within the customer’s budget and find the best combination of diamond cutting proportions, color, clarity, and carat weight. Sapphires are a great alternative to a diamond because of their durability. They also come in nearly all the colors of the rainbow.

Together, we will make an engagement ring you will love.

Just getting started? Read our guide on diamonds